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A Cyclist In A Strange Land

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

After 30 years of living in Indiana, I made the move to Minneapolis. From the Racing Capital of the World to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, from the Crossroads of America to the Bold North. I’ll always miss my beloved Indiana home, but I’m exhilarated to take in what has long been a destination city to me.

Cycling has played a large part of my life since my passion was ignited during college when a friend lent me his bike for a semester, a ten-speed mountain bike with 9 broken gears. In the years since, I’ve slowly moved up from that trashed bike to aluminum and finally to carbon fiber. Of course, what you ride is never as important as where you ride. If I’m going to trade Indiana’s backroads for somewhere new, I can’t imagine a better place than the cycling-obsessed Twin Cities, it’s the Copenhagen of America. So, at last, with my U-Haul packed, I battled through blizzards and ice storms (surprisingly in Illinois, not Wisconsin or Minnesota!) to start a new life in the North Star State.

Now I’m a cyclist in a strange land of bike paths, fat bikes, and commuting in sub-zero temperatures. I hope that you join me as I explore my new home. I’ll be documenting my journey while I try to overcome a years-long knee injury to finally begin to race my bike, reflect on my favorite cycling memories, and interview pro cyclists and cycling insiders. Much more to come!

I’ll see you on the Midtown Greenway.


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